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Essential Oils for Beauty and Burns

Sensual lovers, recently I burned myself again. I have to be a little more careful in the kitchen. This time, I singed about 2 inches of skin on my inner elbow- not a great place as every time I moved my arm, I opened the wound. Wowzers, it wasn’t comfortable. 

Thank goodness for the regenerative, anti-bacterial power of essential oils. My protocol was simple and effective. After the initial run of peppermint to cool the skin, I continued with lavender, and lots of it. For about a week, I applied it every few minutes (or whenever the pain would strike). It was immediately calming and regenerating. I could see the skin knit itself back together. I also bathed the skin in bright sunshine (and Vitamin D). After the skin healed over, I wanted to ensure that it wouldn’t scar so I applied the supremely healing skin serum- a blend that makes skin sparkle. Day by day, it disappeared without puffy or pulled skin, red inflamed skin or discoloration. Viva! It’s all happening.

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Top 5 Essential Oils to Boost Immunity + Bonus Tips

Yup, it’s here. There’s a discernible nip in the air, the trees are starting to shed their leaves and it is time to put away all our cute summer dresses. Dang. Fall is upon us and with that, many of us fall victim to the dreaded common cold. Sensual lovers, there is nothing glamourous about red runny noses and big puffy eyes. I am here to help. In order to keep your immune system strong, there is a lot you can do NOW to set yourself up for the entire winter.

Cold Season

Of course my favorite place to start is with essential oils. In my book, Aromatherapy for Sensual Living, I talk about the medicinal value of essential oils. By simply incorporating them into your daily routine, you will find that you get sick less often and have the added benefit of being surrounded by potent and delightful aromatics. Essential oils are effective healers that I describe as the “anti-anti” meaning that they are all anti-biotic, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, antispasmodic, anti-stress and more. Essential oils have a particular intelligence to do exactly what your body needs. This comes in handy during cold and flu season.

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Top 5 Essential Oils for Clear the Mind

Do you ever have mental fog that coffee just can’t clear? Does outside atmospheric pressure make your eyes gloss over and leave you in a dopey haze? Do you ever stare at your computer cursor blinking, blinking, blinking and are unable to do anything about it? Fret not Sensual lover, essential oils can powerfully and effectively lift the fog and help you get back to a focused, clear, directed place. Welcome back, productivity! You have been missed.


5 Oils for a Clear Mind


Cypress is a powerful circulatory agent and mood booster. I specifically use cypress in all of my blends to help things move: bad moods, stuck phlegm, or even cellulite. Cypress is additionally an excellent essential oil for improving mental faculties. It brightens one’s mood and effectively boost mental power within minutes. One drop used in one of the methods I outline below will bring you back in action and allow you to do the things you need to do. Stat.

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A Short History of Essential oils

Societies have been distilling plants for beauty, perfume, and medicine for more than 5,000 years. There is an undeniable energy, attraction and healing power in the aromatics of plants. Perfume is power and pure flirtation. I have often said that authentic distillations of essential oils are a way to hold, touch and play with the divine in our very own hands.


These libations have been used since the time of Christ and Cleopatra. They are ancient. Throughout history, sacred herbs and medicines were traded and exchanged along trade routes to create, distill and use in an aroma apothecary. There are documents of perfume production in ancient Egypt, Persia, China, India, and Japan. In fact, speciality pots have been found at 5,500-year-old Sumerian sites which are believed to have been used for primitive extraction of essential oils.

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