Meet Elana Millman

elana_smells_flowers_brazilWhat is sensual living?

Sensual living is the exploration of the most delicious, refined, and beautiful elements in life; nature, pure perfume, sensuality, high-vibe food, healing tips, art, music and design, hula-hooping, poetry, inspired love and more. It’s a little bit sweet and a whole lot sexy. Together let’s discover how to live life through our senses to become present and ascend to the cosmos. Come sip on the sweet nectar of life. Ruminate on pure ecstatic joy. See the sublime in everything. Live and love it all through your senses.

By becoming aware of our senses, we are able to get more present and closer to the divine.

Who is Elana Millman?

Millman started her passionate lifelong love affair with essential oils as a teenager and has used them every day for every aspect of life for 20 years. She trained with Nadine Artemis of Living Libations and the Transformational Arts College in Toronto to refine her knowledge and create a unique way of understanding and using oils. She has taught workshops in Canada, Brazil, and Japan on erotics, exotics, euphorics, medicinal aromatherapy, essential oils for beauty, cleaning your home without chemicals, aromatherapy for women at every stage, and essential oils and the endocrine/chakra system.

Elana started her writing career after graduating university when she worked as an international journalist in Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. That experience inadvertently introduced her to the world of healing arts when she started receiving regular reflexology foot massages everywhere her job sent her. Not surprisingly, her little bottles of essential oils also supported her vitality and ease the stress associated with travel.

She is a full service wellness therapist in Toronto specializing in Aromatherapy, Holistic Nutrition, Theraputic Massage, Reflexology, Reiki Mastery, and Lifestyle Counselling. She is an avid whole foods cook, hula hoop dance teacher, shamanic practitioner, and is a curious, creative lover of  life. She is dedicated to teaching how to empower health, healing and sensuality.

Passionate about helping people understand the power of plants, she’s dedicated to teaching how to empower health, healing, and sensuality with the use of essential oils.

She lives between Toronto, Canada and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.