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PurFrequency is an exclusive line of whole plant extracted aromatherapy products for beauty, health and lifestyle.
PurFrequency was started by Elana Millman, a health-loving aromatherapy formulator and holistic healer; and Richard Sharp, a hemp-promoting idea man with passion to spare.
PurFrequency harnesses the exquisite power of plants to help people authentically feel and look better and be truly healthy. In our formulas, we use only the purest, best quality plants, essential oils, and unadulterated elements from nature. It is our promise to you.
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We believe that each of us has a unique “purfrequency”. Your purfrequency is a balanced state of mind, body, heart and spirit. You were born in this resonance. When you are in purfrequency, your life is in sync with your world– your work, your purpose, your relationships and the planet all function harmoniously. Unfortunately, one’s purfrequency can become out of sync through exposure to environmental toxins, aging, disease, daily stresses and being ungrounded or disconnected from the earth. Our goal is to help you come back into wholeness and vitality. Inspired by nature, we have developed a line of products in order to benefit from this union and exchange.

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