Win a Book and a Blend: My Gift to You on My Birthday

Win a Book and a Blend: My Gift to You on My Birthday

My birthday is coming up this weekend. I want to give you a gift as a thank you for all of the support while I have worked to birth this book.

The Giveaway is easy to enter and ends at 11:59PM On Sunday June 21st. Winner will be notified on Monday and announced on this page. So check back here!

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Oh la la, in addition to the chance to win a copy of my new book, Aromatherapy for Sensual Living, I am offering a custom blend designed by me exclusively for you. I will consult with you about your scent preferences and dislikes and create a blend that will please you in every way imaginable. Learn some tips and tricks on how to craft the perfume aroma using info from the book.

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My 20 Year Love Affair with Essential Oils

Sweet, delicious sensual lovers, here we are. It’s less than a week away from the launch of my book, Aromatherapy for Sensual Living- Essential oils for the Ecstatic Soul published by Skyhorse Publishing. It has been quite a round-the-world, life changing journey to get here and wow, oh wow I am excited for its manifestation. It’s been a long road, there’s no turning back.


My love affair with essential oils started when I was a teenager. After reading an article about the ancient power of essential oils, something inside me clicked. Like a curious witch in search of her next spell, I needed to find out more. After a couple false starts, I discovered a store in downtown Toronto that specialized in pure, authentic aromatherapy. My first oil was Balsam Peru and it was love at first inhalation. I spent many hours in that little shop smelling, learning and deepening my life long love affair with the plants.  

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June Strawberry Full Moon: Harvest the Ripened Fruit

Wowee Sensual Lovers, this is the 12th and final installment of our full moon series. I am thrilled to be ending it in June; my favorite month. June is amazing for so many reasons. The weather warm and breezy, the days are long, the solstice is upon us and strawberries make their way into smoothies, desserts and salads. Did I mention it’s also my birthday month?  It’s time to celebrate all that has taken root and started to bloom (Geminis love to party and birthdays are an excellent excuse to stretch out the celebrations).

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Aromatherapy for Eye Health

Aromatherapy for Eye Health

Essential oils are incredibly powerful in supporting all body systems. In fact, you can use them in places where you wouldn’t expect, like in and around the eye. Are you surprised? The truth is, I have used aromatherapy to support eye health for many years with great success. When I was teaching Aromatherapy in Japan, I demonstrated how to use rose hydrosol; first in my mouth, then misted on my face and finally, in my eye. The reaction was one of shock and then explosive giggles.

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Use with Awareness

Essential oils close to or in the eyes require careful instruction. They can be caustic and excruciating if used in the wrong way. If you have ever gotten essential oils in your eye, you will know what I am talking about; it’s burning (often curse-inducing) experience.

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Full Flower Moon

Sweet sensual lovers, I can’t express my joy in seeing life thriving everywhere around me. It’s a Sensual Living Christmas. Flowers are bursting forth, my garden is overflowing with life and the air smells undeniably sweet. It is hard not to fall in love when everything is so beautiful and alive.

This month’s full moon is tonight and darlings, it’s a delicious one. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the May full moon is called the Full Flower Moon, also called Mother’s Moon, Milk Moon and Corn Planting Moon, makes a time of increasing fertility with temperatures warm enough for safely bearing young,  there is a near end to late frosts and plants are in bloom. It’s finally warm enough to squish our feet into the ground and feel the receptive, nurturing energy of the earth, meeting and healing us. Gosh how I have missed barefoot grounding.

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Ferments: An Ancient Way to Glorious Health

Fermented foods are just about one of my favorite high vibe staples. They have been used for centuries (if not millennia) and across most cultures as a way to improve digestion, provide protection against disease, boost immunity and achieve vibrant health. Unfortunately for most people in the west, fermented foods have fallen by the wayside. My goal is to inspire you to delve into that pickle jar or gulp back kombucha like a champ. Your body and brain will thank you.

A Little Culture Goes a Long way

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Rock that Stock: Flavor Filled Vitality in a Bowl

The other day, I posted this photo of a soup stock bubbling away on Instagram. I simply love the smell of them cooking  and the tremendous healing powers they impart. Stocks rock so much, that I was inspired to give you my super-star superfood stock recipe.


There is an expression that a good stock will bring a dying man back to life. While that is a slight exaggeration, I have consistently seen their value in my personal and professional life. Even when I was a staunch vegan, I would regularly recommend bone broth stocks to my chronic (and even terminal) clients to restore their vitality. Stocks are easy to digest and are full of vital minerals and nutrients that are essential for healing.

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Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon Rising: An Inspiring Light

Alright Moon lovers, on Saturday we are hitting the second and final eclipse of this cycle. It’s a big one as it’s a Blood Moon. The moon will turn bright red for about an hour. Blood moons are seen as omens of big change or events about to happen. It doesn’t necessarily mean dark ominous mayhem and destruction are immanent. Change can be positive when we meet it with enthusiasm and trust in the divine plan.

Do you fear change? Are your habitual patterns keeping you small, safe and disempowered? That isn’t the way for any Sensual Lover. Use the power of the full moon to galvanize your life, dreams, hopes and aspirations. Remember the New Moon/eclipse/equinox a couple of weeks ago? It was a powerful and important time to set intentions and do ceremony. The last couple of weeks were an incubation period for your manifestations (albeit a potentially turbulent one).  At this full moon, complete the ritual by gathering what is not serving you and set it ablaze. Free yourself from the shackles of stagnation to actualize your potent New Moon manifestations.  Open sacred space, give offerings to your altar or to the earth, be clear and firm in your prayers. The great mystery is listening. What are you truly asking for?

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Big Night in the Sky: New Moon and Solar Eclipse

Big Night in the Sky: New Moon and Solar Eclipse

Tremors, I feel tremors; not necessarily bad but definitely powerful. In the last few days, have you been feeling unusually anxious, impatient or cautious? Have you been having difficulty sleeping well? The reason might just be found in the sky. Friday is a rare and potent astrological event and the energy building up to it can, and probably is affecting your moods. Up above, there is a new super moon, equinox and a solar eclipse all within a 24 hour period. Wow, it’s big.

Because of the magnitude of this particular moon, I consulted a dear astrologer friend, Julia Wawrzyniak-Beyer, to give me the lowdown (If you are looking for an excellent astrologer and tarot reader please contact her at

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Last Full Moon of Winter: Flowers are Just Around the Corner

In many parts of the Northern hemisphere, snow is melting away and little sparks of life are coming to the surface. It’s an exciting time of regeneration and renewal.

All this week, I have been cleansing with Ayurvedic kitchari to gently release the sludge of winter and prepare my body and my mind for the upcoming season. March goes in like a lion out like a lamb, so they say. How can you use the energy of the March full moon? Is it time for you to let down your armor and allow the soft sweetness of life into your life? How can you soften your edges? What can you do to support yourself through this transition?

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