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3 Hidden Toxic Chemicals in Everyday Products

no-detergentsYa know… one can get a little down when you start to consider all the different nasty, cancer-causing, immune-disrupting, skin-irritating chemicals that are legal and available in our regular household products. One might start to think that the powers that be have a vested interest in keeping us sick, fat and chemically saturated. Well that’s a little doomsday, isn’t it?

The good news is we have the power to choose what we want for our bodies and lives. Choice comes when we are armed with information.

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How to feng shui your love space.

Yin Yang Feng ShuiSensual lover, I believe in the power of energy in objects. We have the ability to create our environment, along with our thoughts, to manifest our most intimate desires. As a result, I often turn to Feng shui if I am feeling a little stuck in the mud. Feng shui is the ancient Chinese practice of arranging objects to create a good flow of energy or chi. Nowhere is more important to have good chi than in the bedroom. A lot goes on in the bedroom and you can do so much to improve it by using a few key ideas. If you are looking to attract a love friend or improve the relationship you currently have, please consider this:

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misty moon

November Full Moon: Harvest the Seeds you Have Planted

It is full moon time here at Sensual Living. Honestly, sometimes I feel like I should start these posts with a howl.

It’s November. I have heard that many people simply loathe this month. In the northern hemisphere, the days are increasingly shorter, the nights are increasingly colder and November signals the start of the Christmas season (so says retailers with their pop-up displays ready to go on the first of the month).

I can understand the slightly ominous feeling. It’s a long time before the sweet blossoms of spring open and we are again flowing in summer breezes. I say nuts to that. Take November by the horns and use this opportunity for our growth and transformation; and right now we are endlessly supported by wisdom of the moon.

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A Necessary Luxury: How to make a Natural Spa at Home

Sweet sensual lovers, I was in Montreal over the weekend with a couple of friends. It was an opportunity to pamper ourselves and commit to some essential fairy-magic beautifying practices in our palatial rock star apartment. It was legendary fun!

These days, my skin feeling sad. It’s not accustomed to the dry dullness that comes from electric heat and indoor activities (I miss the consistent warm winds of Brazil). It’s starting to get cold here and as a result, my once soft skin is starting to look a little weathery and leathery. What is a sensual lover to do? I’ll let you in on the beauty regime we followed in Montreal. It’s guaranteed to turn you from scaly to sensually soft and fast.

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harvest apples

October Full Moon- Blood Moon/ Hunter Moon

blood-moonIt’s tonight! Can you feel it? The full moon is tonight and this one is super-charged, wild and electric. Sometimes called the Blood moon or Hunter’s moon, it’s the first full moon after the Harvest Moon. It is called the Blood moon because it has a reddish hue to it. Additionally, the October moon is called a Hunters moon because it is time of easy hunting, even deep into the night, allowing us to prepare for the long winter ahead. While I have a slight aversion to the cold, I love this time of year because there is a discernable shift in energy. The days are cooler and the nights are getting longer. It’s hunkering season (or cashmere season in my life). This Blood moon is particularly special because there is also a total eclipse.

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harvest food

Harvest Full Moon: September 2014

HARVEST-MOONYep, it’s the full moon again tonight and this particular moon is always one of my favorites. It’s the harvest moon and the time where farmers in the Northern Hemisphere are quickly gathering their crops before the winter. The Harvest Moon aids farmers as they bring in the crops, because of its bigness and brightness. The harvest moon is especially potent as it falls very close to the equinox- the time that the days and nights are equal in length. It’s a time of balance, harmony and peace. The Harvest Moon usually appears bigger, brighter or more pumpkin-colored than other full moons. One of my favorite places to be is on the lake watching the Harvest moon rise. I remember, as a child, the wonder of seeing a vibrant orange moon. It still fills me with awe. I will be there at the lake this evening, trust!

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