Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. And the start of something magical.


I am here. I have arrived. By the grace of god and/or by my own shear-force determination, I managed to move my life and my career to Brazil for the winter. I will be teaching Aromatherapy and Hooping, doing massage and energy work and a revealing a big secret reason very soon. I am currently in a friend’s apartment in Botafogo (which has similar energy to my home base in Riverdale) in a bikini and short shorts. It is hot, humid and sticky and only 9:10am. For the record, I am not complaining.

My first impressions of Rio are honestly still forming. I only got here on Friday and I am still working through jet-lag, fear for my safety, culture shock and resting from the ridiculous cyclone of energy it took to get here. read more

My Hooping Reel