December Full Cold Moon: Warm Things Up


Wowza! Can you feel that intensity in air? It’s the last full moon of the year and it’s a doozy. The days are short and the day of the darkness is upon us. It’s time for reflection and an invitation to step fully and authentically into our light.


The December Full moon is called the Cold Moon, cause baby, it’s cold outside. Get your hot chocolate and your sweetie and cuddle together to warm up these dark nights. Additionally, I recommend including cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and vanilla into your breakfast smoothie or as a daily tea to help increase the internal heat. I also love to sweat it out as much as possible. I regularly include weekly infra-red sauna sessions throughout the winter to help detoxify my body and keep the core internal furnace firing. I also maintain a diligent fitness routine throughout the cold months. It’s the best way to keep those pesky winter woes away. read more

3 Hidden Toxic Chemicals in Everyday Products


no-detergentsYa know… one can get a little down when you start to consider all the different nasty, cancer-causing, immune-disrupting, skin-irritating chemicals that are legal and available in our regular household products. One might start to think that the powers that be have a vested interest in keeping us sick, fat and chemically saturated. Well that’s a little doomsday, isn’t it?

The good news is we have the power to choose what we want for our bodies and lives. Choice comes when we are armed with information. read more

A Necessary Luxury: How to make a Natural Spa at Home


Sweet sensual lovers, I was in Montreal over the weekend with a couple of friends. It was an opportunity to pamper ourselves and commit to some essential fairy-magic beautifying practices in our palatial rock star apartment. It was legendary fun!

These days, my skin feeling sad. It’s not accustomed to the dry dullness that comes from electric heat and indoor activities (I miss the consistent warm winds of Brazil). It’s starting to get cold here and as a result, my once soft skin is starting to look a little weathery and leathery. What is a sensual lover to do? I’ll let you in on the beauty regime we followed in Montreal. It’s guaranteed to turn you from scaly to sensually soft and fast. read more

October Full Moon- Blood Moon/ Hunter Moon


blood-moonIt’s tonight! Can you feel it? The full moon is tonight and this one is super-charged, wild and electric. Sometimes called the Blood moon or Hunter’s moon, it’s the first full moon after the Harvest Moon. It is called the Blood moon because it has a reddish hue to it. Additionally, the October moon is called a Hunters moon because it is time of easy hunting, even deep into the night, allowing us to prepare for the long winter ahead. While I have a slight aversion to the cold, I love this time of year because there is a discernable shift in energy. The days are cooler and the nights are getting longer. It’s hunkering season (or cashmere season in my life). This Blood moon is particularly special because there is also a total eclipse. read more

Full Moon August 2014: Super Moon


Moon_thirst_rumiThe full moon is August 10, 2014 at 2P.M. EDT and we are in for a big, juicy super moon. It will be the biggest moon of the year. A super moon means that the moon will be closest to the earth’s orbit making it appear bigger and brighter than other full moons. The super moons are also the most super charged. The best time to view it is just after sunset when the moon is rising out of the horizon.

Full Sturgeon Moon


Some Native American tribes called this month’s Moon the Sturgeon Moon because they knew that the sturgeon of the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain were most readily caught during this full Moon. Around the Great lakes, in Native American tradition, Sturgeons were considered the royalty of fishes (also prized by Europeans for their precious caviar). Working with Sturgeon medicine can teach you about determination, perseverance, depth, knowledge, generosity, strength, and sexuality. Is there a big fish you are trying to catch? Is there an area of your life that can benefit from Sturgeon medicine and the power of the moon? This is a good time to cast your net into the great big sea of opportunity and reap the rewards of your patience and determination.   read more

Sensual Living Manifesto

Sensual Living Manifesto


healingMy gift for you, sensual lovers…

Download the Sensual Living Manifesto. Place it on your fridge, above your desk, on your bedside table or in your journal.

May it be a reminder of who you are and how you wish to live your sensual life…

Read and Download the Sensual Living Manifesto PDF below.

You will need Adobe PDF Reader on your computer or a pdf reader on your mobile device. Android and iPhone/ipad.

Getting Rid of Mold the Natural, Aromatic Way.


mold-sporesRio gave me so much. I am full and thriving from the experience of living close to the ocean, surrounded by verdant mountains, steeped in a country rich with cultural and spiritual tradition. I came home happy… and with a suitcase full of mold. It seems that Brazilian winter temperatures combined with ocean breezes and mountains behind me made for a perfect breeding ground for mold to flourish. I had no idea the extent of the invasion until my friend picked me up at the airport and had an allergy attack as soon as she hugged me. Sheesh, that was awkward. read more

The House of the Trees

The House of the Trees


House of Trees

The House of the Trees (1895)

Ethelwyn Wetherald (canadian)

OPE your doors and take me in,
Spirit of the wood,
Wash me clean of dust and din,
Clothe me in your mood.

Take me from the noisy light 5
To the sunless peace,
Where at mid day standeth Night
Signing Toil’s release.

All your dusky twilight stores
To my senses give; 10
Take me in and lock the doors,
Show me how to live.

Lift your leafy roof for me,
Part your yielding walls;
Let me wander lingeringly 15
Through your scented halls. read more

Discover your forest. Discover yourself.


The Forest pathWell, I am back and slowly reconnecting with my life in Canada. It has been a wild transition to say the least. I miss my dear friends, oceanic Vidigal views and daily Acai though I am happy and excited to be back.

Aside from the huggable cops, heritage houses, and functionality of everything, what has tickled me most is the Ontario wilderness. I had the opportunity to go up to the St. Lawrence River near Kingston Ontario over the weekend to a small community music festival. It was pure inspiration. The Ontario forest energy has an innocent, maiden-like beauty. She quietly invites you in and offers a warm hug and a soft place to land. I love Canadian nature. The diversity and energetic frequency of these lands is fascinating. read more