New Moon

Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon Rising: An Inspiring Light


Alright Moon lovers, on Saturday we are hitting the second and final eclipse of this cycle. It’s a big one as it’s a Blood Moon. The moon will turn bright red for about an hour. Blood moons are seen as omens of big change or events about to happen. It doesn’t necessarily mean dark ominous mayhem and destruction are immanent. Change can be positive when we meet it with enthusiasm and trust in the divine plan.

Do you fear change? Are your habitual patterns keeping you small, safe and disempowered? That isn’t the way for any Sensual Lover. Use the power of the full moon to galvanize your life, dreams, hopes and aspirations. Remember the New Moon/eclipse/equinox a couple of weeks ago? It was a powerful and important time to set intentions and do ceremony. The last couple of weeks were an incubation period for your manifestations (albeit a potentially turbulent one).  At this full moon, complete the ritual by gathering what is not serving you and set it ablaze. Free yourself from the shackles of stagnation to actualize your potent New Moon manifestations.  Open sacred space, give offerings to your altar or to the earth, be clear and firm in your prayers. The great mystery is listening. What are you truly asking for?

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