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Logo_Purfrequency2PurFrequency is an exclusive line of whole plant extracted aromatherapy products for beauty, health and lifestyle.

We believe that each of us has a unique “purfrequency”. Your purfrequency is a balanced state of mind, body, heart and spirit. You were born in this resonance. When you are in purfrequency, your life is in sync with your world– your work, your purpose, your relationships and the planet all function harmoniously. Unfortunately, one’s purfrequency can become out of sync through exposure to environmental toxins, aging, disease, daily stresses and being ungrounded or disconnected from the earth.

Our intention is to utilize the synergy of aromatic plants and healing herbs to help you come into alignment with your purfrequency so you can vibrate high, be calm and happy, and be in the wow of now. Pure plants generously share their perfect frequencies with us for our health and healing.

Inspired by nature, we have developed a line of products in order to benefit from this union and exchange.

Please join us on this aromatic adventure into authentic health, healing, and beauty. We are building this company with you in mind and heart. We are committed to being earth keepers, pure purists, and expanding manifestors to achieve our goal – a tangible, magnetic purfrequency for all.

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The sad truth is that we have an addiction to plastic and its choking our waterways, aquatic life, air quality and altering our delicate hormone balance. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming. Life without Plastics provides real alternatives to pervasive plastic nuisance. I absolutely love the Alladin Carafe. Check out this site and buy here. It’s all good.



All of Survival’s products are positive life-changers. If you are looking to high-vibe your health, improve your performance or boost your longevity, it’s time to get down with Surthrivial and the oh-so-handsome Daniel Vitalis. I absolutely love every product they have and use them in my daily smoothies. Surthrival is healthy living made simple. My favs are the Gold Elk Anter and Colostrum. Yum.

Herbs have been used for millennia to support health and vitality on a cellular level . Their herbal combinations that are amazing. Truly amazing. I am continuously impressed with the effectiveness of the formulas and the quality of the individual ingredients. They search far and wide for the best and it shows. Some of my favorites are  Restore the Yin, Three Brothers, Awaken the Shen, and Restore the Jing.