The Book

People are rediscovering the ancient healing power of aromatherapy and with good reason; essential oils are effective, safe, and endlessly fun. This book gives the reader tools and tricks to incorporate essential oils for every aspect of life and love. Celebrate the radiant splendor of essential oils and get supremely sensual!

Aromatherapy for Sensual Living: Essential Oils for the Ecstatic Soul is spirited and frisky full-color photographic guidebook on how to use essential oils in sensual, creative and curative ways. Aromatherapy for Sensual Living goes way beyond other encyclopedic Aromatherapy books and encourages the reader to savor the essence by imbibing deeply in aromatherapy in innovative ways.

Elana invites her readers to swallow nature’s sweet nectar, teaches how to use essential oils to anoint the body temple, make smoothies sparkle, give languid steamy massages, and deepen knowledge of the plant kingdom to expand bliss, heal and tease. This book is Aromatherapy as never seen before; educational, stimulating and a more than a little bit steamy.


Aromatherapy for Sensual Living

Benefits of Aromatherapy for Sensual Living

  • Learn how to use essential oils for sensual play, including ways to enhance love-making, aromatherapy for bathing, sauna, meditation, petal adornment, kissing, glistening, and anointing practices for men and women
  • Discover the individual personalities and properties of essential oil in a unique and accessible way.
  • Explore bewitching beauty rituals that include essential oil mud and clay masks, hair treatments, dry brushing, scrubs, facial and body oiling, facial steams, hand and foot treatments and more.
  • Play with erotic essential oils in the kitchen with recipes for blender drinks, breakfast, sauces and spreads, soups and salads, and desserts.
  • Learn a step-by-step lymph drainage body massage and stimulating breast massage to be done alone or with a partner.
  • Find out perfume secrets on how to blend, essential oil classifications, blending styles, how to make massage blends, room sprays, cologne, and ancient distillation methods you can do in your own home.
  • Deepen your sensuality and connection to the divine with exercises to sharpen the senses and bring you into the here and now.


This book features:

  • over 30 essential oil personality profiles to intimately understand the properties and uses in a unique, user-friendly way
  • 20 culinary Aromatherapy recipes to bring medicinal and seductive essential oils into food
  • 8 exercises to sharpen the senses in order to better understand the power of essential oils



Try the oils mentioned in the book: 

Sacred Leaf creations harness the exquisite power of plants to help people authentically feel better and be truly healthy. In our formulas, we use only the purest, best quality plants, essential oils, and unadulterated elements from nature. It is our promise to you.

Elana Pink FlowerAromatherapy has successfully infiltrated our world. The flowers are speaking and we are listening. Most people have a bottle of lavender, peppermint or even oregano tucked away in the back of the drawer for an emergency bout of insomnia, nausea or to conquer a cold. Through positive experimentation, most people understand that essential oils can be used, not only beauty and perfume, but also for medicinal purposes.

With the trend towards more natural remedies, Aromatherapy is quickly becoming a staple for those who want to empower their own health and healing and avoid costly doctor visits. People are waking up to the inherent powers of nature and doing so with brilliant results. However, most people don’t yet know the depth and breadth to which essential oils can heal and help. That is where I come in.

cooking with EOThere is not a place in my life where I do not use essential oils and aromatherapy. From cleaning my floors, to washing my face, to creating natural love lubes, to oiling my furniture to boosting my immune system, to curing colds, flues, fever and asthma to flavoring my food, to teasing a boyfriend, to brushing my teeth, essential are a staple in my daily practices.

There is so much more to Aromatherapy than placing a few drops on a tissue or in an oil burner to get the promised effect. With the most minimal of skill and understanding, essential oils can safely produce electrifying and deeply curative results. I am here to teach you how to incorporate essential oils into your life so that you too can be the flower with sensuous practices and recipes to rock your world.

In Light,