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Aromatherapy Lifestyle Consultation

Are you yearning to learn more about the power of essential oils? Do you want to discover natural ancient perfume rituals to make your life, health and love sparkle? Do you want personalized attention and a custom “just-for-you” blend?

I am now offering Aromatherapy consultations online and in person in Toronto Canada. Ask about it

Client Love:
Elana worked with me to come up with personal scents for both my body and for my home. I’m a guy and hadn’t put much stock in essential oils, except to make my room smell good. She said of my personal scents, “this is powerful stuff, be careful with it,” then joked “men might just drop their pants when they walk in your door.” I laughed, until men started doing exactly that!  My sex life is better than ever and people around me ask “may I smell you?” Elana – you truly are a witchy woman!  ~Leif M. Brooklyn, NY

Online Consultations Available Now via Skype

Custom aromatherapy consultation 60-90 Minutes $125



Clients generally come with 2-3 blends they want to create or a specific condition they are looking to treat. 

  • Learn how to use essential oils in the right concentrations, personalized to you.
  • Develop and create your own unique blend based on oils I recommend.
  • Discover which individual oils blend well with each other and ones that don’t.
  • Receive a custom aroma protocol to start using essential oils today.
  • Understand the basics of aromatherapy blending, the best carrier oils and easy-to-follow formulating guidelines.

Upgrade option: Once we have developed your blend, I can blend it for you and mail to anywhere in the world for an additional fee.

massage ad 2Smell is a powerful activator. By using the right aromas in the right concentrations, you will feel more confident, boost your libido, improve your mood, better your immune system and amplify all aspects of life. Learn blending and beauty secrets honed over 20 years of use. 

My clients benefit from a close relationship with me as they achieve their wellness and aromatherapy goals. My desire is to help you achieve health and vitality for your life.

Expect bliss, joy and ease.